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Originally the "Guaimas" tribe were the only inhabitants of the natural beauty of the land and seascape of this hidden paradise.  It was in 1539 when the area was discovered by Spanish explorers, and became one of the busiest ports in Mexico.

Today on shores of the sea of Cortez, San Carlos, the peaceful village where every day is marked by extraordinary beauty and time is measured only by the sun and the tide.  San Carlos, renowned the world over for its crystal waters, exquisite beaches, and a lifestyle guided by a love for the sea and all its gifts.  It's one of Mexico's hidden treasures, home of famous billfish tournaments and world class fishing.  The scuba diving is among the best anywhere in the world. Dive with the seals or swim with the hammerhead sharks at San Pedro island.  See the infamous whale sharks up close.  Giant grey whales patrol its depths and graceful sea birds skim its surface

The symbol of San Carlos, the peaks of the Tetakawi, announce your arrival to the landscape that combines the colorful copper mountains of the desert, with the deep blue sea that lures you back again and again.

San Carlos continues to lure the motion picture industry.  Films like Catch 22, Lucky Lady with Liza Minelli, Gene Hackman & Burt Reynolds, were all filmed in and around San Carlos.  More recently, The Mask of Zorro with Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones also used San Carlos as their back drop.

San Carlos is the home of two of the finest marinas in Mexico.  Renowned as a safe place to many long
distance voyagers, the facilities for boaters in San Carlos are considered some of the finest in the world.
Fuel docks, slips, safe anchorages, haul out facilities, professional repair and maintenance are all readily

      In San Carlos you will find all the activities you dream of.  Off roading, wind and kite surfing,
             water sports,golf, fishing, diving, horseback riding all just 5 hours drive from Tucson
                     or with flights to Guaymas or Hermosillo.  Enjoy the fine local cuisine, with
                             fresh, daily caught seafood or renowned Sonoran beef, thought
                                         of as being some of the world's finest.